Thursday, 10 July 2008

A little bit of History

A few centurys agoo...
"The Moors called it the Algarve, the land on the other side of the sea. They sailed across the sea, conquered the land, and ruled it for half a millennium before succumbing to the Christian re-conquest in 1249. Nearly a thousand years later, the Moorish presence can still be felt from the turret of a strategically situated castle looking out over a town to the distant sea. It lingers in white latticed chimneys -- miniature minarets that stick up out of red-tiled roofs, in walls decorated with blue and white azulejos and pots of painted pottery, in groves of almond and orange trees leaning against hillsides terraced by stone walls, in the many names beginning with the Arabic “Al”. Before the Moors, there were the Phoenicians and the Greeks, the Romans and the Visigoths – all attracted to the rugged waterfront and fertile soil of this strikingly beautiful land along Portugal’s southern shore".

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Why rent a car in Algarve?

Having a rented car available adds a whole new dimension to your holiday plans. Suddenly it's easy to get to the less crowded areas, go where the locals go and generally get off the "tourist trail" without getting involved in the complexities and restrictions of the local buses and trains. You can book it in advance (recomended as in my last post) and have it delivered to you at your arrival in Faro Airport. There are inumerous car hire companies on line that can provide it to you. Usualy they have very simple booking processes and you dont have to pay in advance, just do it at arrival.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A few tips for cheaper vacations at Algarve

Setting up your vacations must be done as earlier as possible as you can benefit from huge discounts doing so. Planning in advance can save you a lot of money in flights, accommodation and transportation.Also, if you choose to come on middle season you will eventually save just about 30-40% on your vacations, 50%+ if you come on low season. If you come for golf for example, you will find a very nice weather on January, February or March, and guess what? These are low season's months! You can find apartments to rent as low as €150,00 per week and rent a car for as low as €90,00 per week !!! If you stay longer than one week you can find even better deals.

From November to March - Low Season
From April to June and October - Middle Season
From July to September - High Season

Avoid high season if you can. You will be avoiding higher quotes, traffic, queues and so on.

See you at sunny Algarve ;)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Algarve, The Ultimate Resort

Algarve is the sunniest spot in all Europe. With his semi-tropical weather, Algarve has so many and different attractions that this post wouldn’t be big enough to mention them all. However here are some features of interest:

- Sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs and grouts on most of then
- A magnificent country side and natives well known by their hospitality
- Luxury Hotels and Villas to rent at very affordable prices
- Golf courses, horses rides, jeep safaris, aqua-parks, Zoos…
- Night life is exuberant with Dancing Bars, Discos, Casinos
- …and so on…

The capital of this magnificent resort is Faro city and the big entrance door is Faro Airport, a modern airport with up standards facilities/services. There you can find anything you need to begin your journey:

- Bus-Transfers
- Car Hire
- Taxis

I’ll discuss how to manage with this transportation providers in a full dedicated post.

Setting up your next vacations at Algarve can be a very easy task, however there are a few points you must look up to make sure you will have the vacations off a life time.
For now this is just the presentation post to start picturing this amazing place, Algarve.

I’ll be back soon ;)